JOHN D LAPINSKAS BSc. (Hons.) C.Chem., C.Env. Offshore/Onshore Oil and Gas Environmental Engineer

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Curriculum Vitae

John David Lapinskas

Qualifications       BSc. (Hons), C. Chem., C. Env.
Date of Birth         28th December 1954
Nationality            Canadian
Languages            English
Passport               Canadian (Valid to 2013)
Residence             Cala Galdana, Menorca, Spain   

QUALifiCATIONS & professional affiliations

§          Honours Bachelor of Science Degree Biochemistry§          Chartered Chemist §          Chartered Environmentalist§          Member Chemical Institute of Canada§          Member Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario§          Member Canadian Society for Technology§          Member of the Society of Environmental Engineers - UK§          Member of the Biochemical Society - UK§          Member of the Energy Institute - UK§          Member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry – Europe§          Member of the Environmental Technology & Management Association - Saudi Arabian Branch of The Air & Waste Management Association – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


 §          Experienced in Off Shore Oil Exploration, Development & Production Facility Operations HUET/PST/EFA/H2S/BFF Certified§          Track record includes Environmental Conceptual, FEED and EPC phases of  Onshore & Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration, Development & Production Projects (EPD)§          Off Shore EDP Platform & On Shore Refinery & Petrochemical Production Facility Emissions Management§          Implementation of Environmental Auditing and Environmental Management Systems – Air, Controlled & Marine Waters, Land Quality and Waste§          Technical Advisor for Integrated ISO 9000/14000/OHSAS 18000 Certification Acquisition §          Former World Bank and EBRD Lead Environmental Auditor for the Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry encompassing EA, EIA & Due Diligence §          Soil & Groundwater Physicochemical & Biochemical/Biological Remediation Specialist§          Potable Water & Industrial Wastewater Effluent Management Specialist§          Wastewater Bioxidation Treatment Design§          Waste Management Strategy §          Hydrocarbon Contamination Expert Witness. 


Sonagol Exploration & Production Luanda, Angola [2008 to Present]  Chief Environmental Engineer for the QSSA Department Gestao de Qualidade, Saude, Seguranca e Ambiente Sonangol PP [Expat status in Angola] based in Luanda, currently responsible for the generation and implementation of Sonangol PP Environment Management System (EMS) and assisting with integrated ISO 9000/14001/OHSAS18000 certification acquisition for all corporate On Shore and Off Shore oil and gas exploration, development and production. 

PetroRabigh Refinery & Petroleum Complex Construction Saudi Arabia [2007-2008]
– Senior Environmental Engineer for the Company Directorate HSE [Expat status in Kingdom] responsible for oversight of contractor environmental compliance during the construction and precommissioning phase for the Aramco – Sumitomo JV World Bank funded US$9.2 Billion PetroRabigh Refinery & Petrochemical Production Complex development project in Rabigh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Contracted to Foster Wheeler for a fourteen month period to March 2008. Plant construction included new & existing upgrade of refinery plant, HOFCC Unit, Olefins Unit, Ethane Cracker, IWSPP Unit including Cooling Water Towers, Monomer & Polymer production facilities and Utilities & Off Site Services. Responsible for management of any and all emissions to air, ground, controlled & marine waters and all waste management on site relating to the handling, treatment or disposal of water, liquid and solid inorganic & organic wastes. 

Sakhalin Energy Pipeline Installation EA [2006]
Sakhalin Russian Federation – EBRD Environmental Auditor for Sakhalin Energy EA of US$22 Billion Sakhalin Island Pipeline ROW Installation by Shell, Mitsubishi & Mitsui Consortium. Environmental Oversight Audit and Reporting of Phase II Operations undertaken by Sakhalin Energy Investment Corp. (SEIC) including installation of the main 828 kilometre Oil and LNG pipelines from the Pilun – Lunskoye - Astokhskage oil & gas fields to the LNG coastal Facility south of the capital Yuzno-Sakhalinsk. 

Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria [2006]
– Evaluation of SPDC Environmental Impact Assessment according to FIC World Bank Guidelines for Exploratory Wells at Zamara Nigerian Delta Region. Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Ltd (55%) in a joint venture with Esso (20%), Elf (12.5%) and Agip (12.5%). 

OXY Petroleum Qatar ESR Technology [2006]
- Marine Environmental/Ecological Impact Assessment Study on behalf of ESR Technology for their client OXY Petroleum Qatar. An examination of the disposal/decommissioning options for an off shore 28 kilometre seabed product transfer pipeline via marine ecological analysis of ROV pipeline video monitoring footage.  

Network Rail Contaminated Ballast Remedial Study UK [2006]
Project Director and Lead Researcher for Contaminated Land Assessment, Remediation Research Centre [CLARRC] University of Edinburgh Research & Assessment Report to source alternative methods for contaminated ballast treatment & disposal on behalf of NR Major Projects & Investments Enhancements [MPI] Division for 30,000 tonne per annum contaminated ballast stockpile. Devised ballast washing program provided proven cost saving of US$2.2 Million per annum to NR compared to landfill. 

DEFRA UK [2006]
- MTP Problematic Wastes Study Report on Inorganic Metals and Metalloids [2006] An Examination of the Potential Alternative Recycle Pathways to Landfill Disposal in the UK on behalf of AEA Technology Environment Harwell. 

BritNed UK [2006]
– Environmental Risk Assessor on behalf of Britned JV between National Grid (UK) and Tennent (Netherlands) for the installation BritNed HVDC cable (crossing the North Sea from NL to UK) .In association with Metoc Consulting Engineers, UK at the former BP Isle of Grain Refinery Complex. 

Network Rail UK [2005]
- Environmental Estates Project Manager providing technical/policy guidance on all issues related to Contaminated Land & Groundwater on behalf of Network Rail Estates, Property, Contaminated Land, Pollution Prevention, Surface Water Risk Assessment & Major Projects Enhancement. Main point of contact with the environmental regulators with respect to Groundwater Pollution Prevention and implementation of Oil Storage Regulations as well as liaison with Train Operating Companies/Freight Operating Companies/NR for the implementation of the Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel Trials for the UK.                               

AKZO Nobel Calais France [2004]
– Coal Tar Recycle Feasibility Study Project Manager Akzo Nobel Ancienne Site Décharge Courtaulds á Coquelles Pontimmo in the Pas de Calais, France, on behalf of EDS Ltd 

ICI Cuprinol Remedial Works Frome Somerset UK [2004]
Technical Adviser  Remediation of the former ICI Cuprinol Chemical Works Frome Somerset on behalf of EDS Ltd and Westbury (Holdings) Ltd                                 

Exxon Mobil - SAGE Terminal North Sea Oil Groundwater Monitoring Programme
Aberdeen UK [2003] Project Director Groundwater Monitoring Programme.                                 

Shell UK Oil & Products Remediation of Shell Petrol Forecourt, Ollerton UK [2003
] Project Director. Remediation of LNAPL.  

Exxon Mobil Explorations - Environmental Risk Mitigation Measures Report Phase II Chicala Luanda Angola [ 2003 ]
Technical Adviser/Project Manager for an environmental and ecological site audit [ terrestrial, coastal and marine ] to determine the suitability of a former landfill site for ex-pat residential housing development. 

Octel Corporation – Chemical Oxidation of Alkyl Lead - Laboratory Assessment – AK Chemie GmbH Novaktan, Germany [2002
] Project Manager and Technical Adviser for a laboratory feasibility study into the removal of Tetra Ethyl Lead within the Mineral oil fraction contamination within soil and groundwater at 2 no. former German production facilities. 

Railtrack Plc Remedial Field Trials/Pump Tests – Jacob’s Crossing – Isle of Grain UK [2002].
Project Manager for a field trial entailing the removal of free phase kerosene contamination resulting from a line derailment.  

Sumitomo Marine Research Tokyo- Japan [2002]
Technical Adviser for the Sumitomo Small Business Enterprises Division providing Technical Expertise relating to UK Legislation relating to investment in Brownfield sites. 

Environmental Audit & Environmental Impact Assessment AB Mazeikiu Nafta Refinery & Klapida Product Storage and Distribution Terminal– Mazeikiu, Lithuania [ 2001 ]
Audit Team Leader for EBRD/IP funded audit - Phase II – Halsley Holding Limited [Nicosia] entailing an EA & EIA for the Williams Petroleum 200,000 barrels per day Refinery Production Facility in Lithuania.                                     

Total Fina Elf Appraisal MTBE Environmental Impact Study – Total Fina Elf Milford Haven Refinery UK [2001].
Project Manager Technical Adviser for a Tank Farm Study for MTBE storage Facilities and Emergency Spillage Response Programme. 

Saratov Oil Production Works – Saratov, Russian Federation – SIDANCO Petroleum Group [ 2001
] Technical Adviser and Specialist for Hydrocarbon Assessment, Investigation and Remediation and member of IT Russia Audit Team SIDANCO funded environmental Audit entailing a complete EA & EIA for the Saratov Refinery Production Facility in Saratov Russia former Soviet Republic. 

Shell UK Oil & Products Shell Trident Garage, Ottershaw UK [2001]
– Project Director Chemical Oxidation and Remediation of Shell Trident Garage Petrol Forecourt, Ottershaw Surrey. 

Shell UK Oil & Products Shell Neston Garage UK [2001]
- Project Director Remediation of Shell Neston Garage, Neston. Lancashire via Vapour Extraction 

Koch Refinery BV
– The Netherlands [2001]
Technical Adviser for the Remediation of Koch Refinery Site soil and groundwater aquifer. 

Van Ommeran Refinery BV
– The Netherlands [2001]
Technical Adviser for the Remediation of Refinery Site soil and groundwater aquifer. 

Petersham Holdings Inc. –v- Mobil Oil Ltd. UK [ 2001 ]
Technical Adviser and Expert Witness - Confidential 

Air Cargo Heathrow Airport, Heathrow Environmental Due Diligence Audit UK [2000]
Project Manager Phase II Environmental Assessment. 

Invensys Plc (formerly British Tyre & Rubber) Phase I & II Site Investigation Bull Electric Facility Ipswitch UK [2000]
Project Manager Phase II Environmental Assessment. 

Petrofina Liability Study, Riversway Docklands Industrial Site, Preston Docks UK [1999]
. Technical Adviser and Expert Witness – Confidential 

Riversway Docklands Remediation UK [ 1998 ]
Joint CPA under the SCA Preston Borough Council and the Environment Agency Northwest Region utilising a combination of duel phase vacuum extraction and pump and treat Project Manager 

Railtrack Plc Development of a Remedial Action Programme for Kerosene Contamination Soil & Groundwater Programme of Works Jacobs Crossing Isle of Grain UK [1997
] Programme Technical Adviser 

Erewash Borough Council Site investigation, Developmental Feasibility Study, Delineation of cyanide contaminated surface waste and in-situ thixotropic caustic waste UK [1996].
Programme Manager 

British Gas Properties/ English Partnerships Port Greenwich Millennium Site Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater. UK [1995/6]
Programme Bioremedial Technical Adviser 

British Steel Plc Identification Delineation and Removal of over 100 metric tonnes of cyanide contaminated wastes
UK [1995] Project Manager 

British Airways Plc – Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Environmental Management Programme for construction of new British Airways World Cargo Centre. UK [1995]
Project Manager for Turn key package included soil vapour surveys, site investigations, groundwater monitoring programmes, hydrogeological assessment studies, generation of protocol documentation for dewatering treatment programme and earthworks remediation programme, design and management of abstracted groundwater treatment plant. 

Imry Management Ltd Environmental Site audits and Site investigations of various sites. UK [1995]
Programme Manager 

Wassal Plc [1994] Environmental Site Audits and Soil Vapour Surveys of several Elf Oil Ltd. Petrol forecourts Birmingham and Manchester areas. UK [1994]
Project Manager 

Bostik Corporation Site Investigation of the Bostik Adhesives Manufacturing Facility Lisbon, Portugal [1994]
Technical Adviser Hydrocarbons Sector Dart Development Ltd. UK [1994] Provided environmental consultancy for soil vapour extraction system installed by Mobil Oil Ltd. Programme Manager Programme entailed liaison with NRS and local regulatory authority.  

Parque Expo ’98, Lisbon, Portugal [1994
] Management of biofeasibility study for the proposed bioremediation of 275,000m3 of hydrocarbon contaminated soil from the former Petrogal Refinery Mobil Oil Ltd., Shell Oil Ltd. and BP Oil Ltd. Storage and distribution terminals. Additionally, provided project management of environmental monitoring programme for soil, gas, surface water and groundwater. 

MoD RAF Base, N.E., U.K. [1994]
Project Manager Site investigation and physical remediation of a former MoD RAF base in the North - Confidential 

Shell Pernis - Petroleum Refinery, The Netherlands [1993]
Programme Biochemical Operations Manager Ex-situ biological remediation of a former fuel tank storage facility employing engineered soil banking. 

Airport – Remediation of Former Oil Storage Depot, Copenhagen Denmark. [1992]
Site Biochemical Operations Manager Ex-situ biological remediation involving enhanced land farming. 

Dansk Shell Groundwater Remediation – Naestved Denmark [1992]
Utilisation of 40m3 Submerged Biological Fixed Film Reactor for the biodegradation of diesel fuel oil in soil and groundwater remedial flushing. Biochemical Operations Manager. 

Shell Polartech Ex-situ biological remediation of tank bottoms by engineered soil banking. UK  [1991]
Site Biochemical Operations Manager 

Shell Chemicals Ltd. Carrington UK [1991]
Ex-situ biological remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent contaminated soil engineered soil banking. Site Biochemical Operations Manager 

Shell Chemicals Ltd. Carrington UK [1991]
Investigation and assessment of former styrene plastic production facility .entailing full scale remediation programme with free product / groundwater abstraction separation and ex-site and in-situ biological treatment. Final biological filter treatment of reactor volatile off-gasses. Site Biochemical Operations Manager 

U.K. District Councils [1990]
Soil, water and gas investigations prior to redevelopment of numerous landfill sites. Comprehensive site investigation programmes of boreholes, gas probes and trial pitting designed and implemented to assess the presence of methane gas, industrial solvents and oil waste on historic landfill sites. Site Biochemical Operations Manager 

Britag UK Berwick-upon –Tweed UK [1989]
Site investigations entailing soil, ground and surface water sampling and analysis of pesticide related compounds. Site Biochemical Operations Manager 

Shell Stanlow – U.K. [ 1989 ]
Petrochemical Manufacturing involved a multi phased site investigation entailing soil gas survey, site investigations and borehole monitoring programmes. Contaminants included BTEX and chlorofluoroanilines. Site Biochemical Operations Manager 

Shell Haven Stanford Le Hope. UK [1989]
Construction and Implementation of Experimental Soil Biotreatment cells at the Thames Estuary Facility. Biochemical Operations Manager  

Deutche Shell Experimental Soil Bank Construction in Collaboration with Shell UK Ventures Hamburg Germany [1988]
Construction of 3 no. 2000m3 experimental soil biotreatment banks in Monheim, 2 no. 1000m3 biotreatment banks in Misburg nr Hanover [ former Elf Refinery ] and 4 no. 500m3  PAH contaminated soil banks in Bucholtz nr Hamburg. Biochemical Operations Manager. 

BP Oil Ltd., U.K. [1988]
Oil Distribution Terminal investigated the source of hydrocarbon release to a local stream adjacent to an oil distribution depot and recommended remedial action. The historic survey and trial pit investigation confirmed the source of the ongoing release to the stream. A free product pumping and recovery system was designed to eliminate the discharge to the stream. Biochemical Operations Manager. 
Fina Plc Petrochemical Refinery Product Distribution Forecourts UK [1988] Soil gas surveys of 32 no. petrol forecourts (U.K.). Programme entailed systematic sampling and analysis of the volatile gases in the soil and groundwater beneath the forecourts of a number of operational decommissioned sites. Site Chemist undertaking Gas Chromatographic analysis of petrol by HNU portable GCMS.
Elf Oil Ltd. UK [1988] Major Petroleum Refinery Product Sales and Distribution Forecourts. Site investigations of petrol forecourts (U.K.).  

Shell Oil Ltd – U.K. Distribution Fuel Depots UK [1987]
The programme entailed environmental risk assessments on a multiple chain of fuel depots throughout the U.K. Reviewing the potential impact of hydrocarbon storage sites on adjacent soils and groundwater.  

Polysar Novacorp Polymer Production Facility Bioxidation Unit Sarnia Ontario Canada[1980 – 1987]
Operations and Laboratory Chemist involved in the commission and operation of a 20,000 m3 per day industrial effluent biological treatment facility in Sarnia Ontario Canada. Operations Environmental Chemist.


1980 to 2008 

Sonangol Exploration / Production - Luanda Angola Chief Environmental Engineer
2007 – March 2008  

PETRORabigh Refinery & Petrochemicals Complex Development – Aramco Oil CompanySumitomo Joint Venture - Rabigh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Senior Environmental Engineer2006 - 2007 
AEA Technology – Environment UK.  Senior Principal Consultant for the Land Quality Group.
 2005 - 2006     
Independent Consultant UK. Independent consultant on term contract basis during this period for Network Rail, EDS Ltd on behalf of ICI and Westbury Homes Holdings Limited. 2003 - 2005 
The IT Group Infrastructure & Environmental Limited
                         UK 2001 – 2003  Technical Director 2000 – 2001   Principal Environmental Consultant 1997 – 2000  
GeoDelft Environmental Limited UK, Business Manager & Principal Consultant
 1994 - 1997 
WS Atkins Environment UK,    
Principal Environmental Consultant 1987 - 1994   
Land Restoration Systems Limited Shell UK Ventures  
1987 – 1994 Biochemical Operations Manager  1980 - 1987 
Polysar Novacorp Polymer Rubber Production Biox
1980 – 1987 Environmental Chemist

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